Septic Tank Installation — Is It Time To Buy A New One?

If you reside in a remote part of Australia or have a holiday home in a location that is not connected to the municipal council's sewerage system, it is highly likely that you have a septic tank installed on the property. These receptacles offer a convenient way to eliminate wastewater and are typically designed to be used for a long time. However, just as other household items, septic systems do have a shelf life, and it is prudent to know when to replace your tank before you have a septic disaster on the property. However, since some people have never had to replace their septic system, chances are they do not know what to be wary of. Read on to learn how to perceive the signs that indicate that it is time for new septic tank installation.

Pungent odours pervading your property

A major revealing sign that there could be a problem with your septic tank system is pungent smells wafting through your property. In some situations, this could simply mean that the septic tank has developed a minor leak. A professional technician could remedy this for you, especially if the crack was caused by external impact rather than the degradation of the receptacle itself. However, in some other cases, you may have had the septic tank for a long time, and the waste materials will steadily start to erode the interior lining of the tank. In this instance, new tank installation is prudent, as your current receptacle is likely at the end of its lifespan.

Sludge pooling around the tank

Another sign that should be considered a red flag when it comes to septic tank replacement is the puddling of brownish fluids around the tank. Sludge collecting near your septic tank is a red flag as it is a clear indicator that liquids are seeping out of the receptacle. More often than not, the leakage would be a clear indicator of a crack in the tank. The presence of the sludge is not only off-putting but is a serious health risk if you have rambunctious children or pets on the property who could come into contact with the waste materials.

Sewage is backing up inside the home

Sewage starting to back up inside your house is never a good sign. Although it is typically associated with blocked drains, it could also mean that your septic tank needs to be replaced. Be very wary of toilets that are not flushing correctly or noxious odours coming from the various drains in your home, as it would be best to fix the problem sooner rather than later. 

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