Benefits of a Septic Tank Aeration System

A traditional septic tank is the most common and popular option, but there are instances where this is not a viable option. In the event that an alternative to a traditional septic tank needs to be used, there are a variety of different systems to choose from. The most common alternative septic tank systems are aeration systems, mound systems and peat moss septic systems. A tank aeration system offers a number of benefits. It is important that you are aware of the advantages that come attached to having a septic tank aeration system instead of a traditional septic system.


One of the major benefits of an aeration septic tank system is that it is suitable for use in all types of land. One of the main reasons that there needs to be alternative septic systems is because a traditional septic system cannot be used in lands that have high groundwater and bad types of soil. However, an aeration septic tank system can be used in all types of land and even those that have shallow soil. No matter what type of land you may be dealing with, this septic tank alternative is designed to work properly and be compatible with the land type.

Similar Operation

An aeration septic tank system works in a similar way to a traditional septic tank system. It still holds waste and will break it down over time. The main difference is that an aeration system is reliant on electricity and will only function properly as long as power is on. This type of septic tank system features three compartments within the tank. These compartments are all separated from one another. The water can flow from one compartment to the net through an opening. There is even a filter that is equipped on this type of septic tank system that keeps large pieces of soil from making its way through the different compartments. What makes this septic system unique is that it features an aerator that is what requires electricity. The end result of this unique system is water that is actually cleaner that what comes out of a traditional septic system.


Bacteria can often thrive in environments that are aerobic in nature. The presence of bacteria is essential within a septic tank system, because they are required to break down waste. An aeration septic tank system is ideal, because it offers an environment that is ideal for bacteria and as a result has the ability to break down waste more effectively and efficiently.

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